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This is a song I wrote in November 2011. I had the opportunity to record it in December 2011, and it was another step in a direction I’ve wanted to go in for a very long time.

At the time I wrote it, I wasn’t very sure what the inspiration was for me to write it. I just had a feeling that looked like the images I saw in my head…images I wanted to capture.
So I begun with some piano strokes and sang some lines from a poem I had written in Fall 2011.

Snowflakes were falling in my head…well…in a memory I have in my head.

In Milwaukee, there is a house surrounded by trees, with a nice backyard between the trees and the back patio. I’ve been fortunate to spend many breaks from school in this home. I’ve slept on its floors and couches and played its piano and have laughed a lot here.

One of the times I was in that house, flurries of snow scurried, but not too quickly and with an ease of gentleness, to the ground. It was a beautiful sight.

And in November 2011, a few days before I would depart there once again for a Thanksgiving getaway, this image came into my mind.

Usually, Thanksgiving is the first and last time of Autumn I go to Milwaukee, but November 2011 was different, as Thanksgiving would be the second time.

I’m still not quite sure how much of an inspiration for “Winterlude” the beginning of November was, but that first week of November in Wisconsin was cold and sad and bittersweet.

I wish I had known my cousin better.

I wish I had gotten to know my cousin better when he was here.

I think we could have gotten along quite well.

But the whole experience made me appreciate my family so much more and also made music more important to me.

He passed away while listening to his music.

The music he wrote.

I guess it was in my system…

to write a song

that could help his brothers, sisters, parents, friends cope…

to write a song

that could bring peace

and maybe even a little hope.

-hannah rose duperre

aka eye of innocence

  • 15 September 2012
  • 36